Matthew McQuillan

Children and Belongings


Concerning the Bodyguard_079
Concerning the Bodyguard_081
Concerning the Bodyguard_080
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Concerning the Bodyguard_076

<p><a href=”″>Children and Belongings (full audio and installation shots)</a> from <a href=”″>Matthew McQuillan</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Audio piece for headphones, patterned carpet, modelling clay, gold chain
Shown at ‘Concerning the Bodyguard’, at the Tetley, Leeds


You are invited to Winter Escape; a weekend of presentations that explore structures and narratives of freedom and being trapped.Over two days, invited speakers will respond to the theme in relation to their own research and activities, and instigate wider conversation and debate with an audience. Winter Escape emerged from an interest in how definitions of freedom and confinement are shaped through individual experience, as well as by larger societal constructs, or constraints. Click here to read the full project statement and source texts:

Winter Escape is organised by Naomi Pearce and Matthew McQuillan.


Soft Evidence | Legion TV





4Photos: Guy Archard

‘Soft Evidence’

Stencil print on striped poly-cotton
Audio piece for headphones, 9.29
Pencil drawing on white t-shirt

With thanks to Diana Policarpo and Errol Perkins

The Reset



Pencil drawing on cotton t – shirt, stencil print on striped poly – cotton, wadding
278 x 168 cm (approx)

Misery Connoiseur | Issue 2



Contribution for Misery Connoisseur, Issue 2,
more info here:

Flowers and Obstructions

flowers and obstructions a flowers and obstructions e flowers and obstructions d flowers and obstructions c flowers and obstructions b Photos: Jade Richardson


Written text, photographs, SAD lamp, and props.
Performed as part of Copy: At the Table, programmed by COPY,
20 21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, February 2013


Audio Excerpts:

Octave | Chisenhale Gallery

Octave (initiated by The Melt)
21st Century | Chisenhale Gallery
Tuesday, the 11th of December 2012

Photo: Manuela Barczewski

A live presentation of a script written collaboratively by Andrea Francke, Dan Davis, Patricia Lennox-Boyd, Rehana Zaman, Matthew McQuillan, Rasmus Nilausen and Patrick Coyle. Through the process of footnoting, narratives, questions and accounts are woven together to form a script that creates links between the individual concerns of the artists. These are represented in performance by different voices, technologies and styles to create richly textured layers of sound.

This event has been developed by The Melt. Katharine Tolladay, Rita Evans and Michael Grime began working together in 2009 as The Melt; an online publication seeking to produce structures that enable people to work collaboratively.


Bird, Plastic, Stomach (A User’s Guide to Kipple)

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Full Audio:

You are invited to Bird, Plastic, Stomach (A User’s Guide to Kipple), a one-night event by artist, Matthew McQuillan. Cocktails served at 8pm. A brief reading at 9pm.

A hand-made, projection curtain.
A tourist’s picture showreel.
With an accompanying text on slowness and objects.

Wednesday the 25th of July, 2012. Los Angeles